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Access Control - We offer Access Control solutions from leading suppliers, these can be a simple stand-a-lone system which is fitted to either a manual or automated gate or a full system which is computer based and control all the access points and also the building with time and attendance and be remotely operated from other sites and linked to other sites.

Access control systems can be operated by various options including keypads, swipe fobs or cards, remote fobs and bio-metric readers. We can also install GSM operators to open the gate or barrier which will require a sim card.

Intercom Systems - We offer Intercom systems from the leading suppliers, these can be various types ranging from Wired audio and or video systems, wireless audio or GSM audio intercoms.

Wired Systems - We would always recommend wired systems (where possible). This may require ground works for ducting and concealment for the cables in the building for the cables.

There is an intercom panel fitted at the gate with a handset in the building, the video type has a camera mounted in the panel and the handset has a monitor built in to view the people at the entrance.

Wireless Systems - Wireless systems are a good reliable option which won't require ducting or internal cable concealment. The call unit similar to an intercom panel and is mounted near the gate and by pressing the button will call the stand-a-lone re-chargeable cordless phone with mobility around the building.

They may not be suitable for sites with a lot of buildings and trees between the gate and the building and if the building has thick walls.

You are also limited to the range and more suited to the domestic market.

GSM Sim Card Systems - GSM systems are generally more expensive to buy but offer a saving on long duct runs and more option for diverting calls and using mobile phones.

There is an intercom panel which is mounted at the gate and this has the sim card mounted in. By pressing the call button on the panel it will ring through to pre-programed number, if this is not answered it can then ring another number. The gate is opened by pressing a designated button on the phone.

This option doesn't require ducting or cable concealment in the building and can be set to divert.

You do need a good mobile network reception and after we have set up the sim card you can either top up when required or change it to monthly contract.

Generally you are paying only minimal call cost with the average call only lasting 20 -30 seconds.

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